Towards the end of my PhD in climate science, I began to get involved in science writing. Since then, I’ve written on a wide range of topics, from butterfly evolution and quantum physics to holey clouds and the burgeoning science-art movement.

Science writing never gets boring… there’s an everlasting stream of new discoveries, and I hope I manage to convey some of my fascination for this weird and wonderful subject. I currently work for BBC Focus magazine, and I’ve also written for Physics World, Cosmos, Guru, Astronomy Now and the Scientific American Blog Network. I was also a finalist in the Wellcome Trust / Guardian Science Writing Prize 2011 and I blog at The Soft Anonymous.

Here are some of the articles I’ve written (links provided where possible)

Guru #9 Guru #10 Guru #12

focus_simulation BBC Focus - How to stay cool in summer

Factfile: Restless legs syndrome
Lasers shine light on galactic magnetic fields
Milky Way is a treasure trove of habitable planets
Kamikaze comet could be Christmas explosion culprit
Europa’s chaotic surface hides great lakes
Icy reservoir found in planet-forming disc
Carbon nanotubes frustrate cells
Unlocking the secrets of superconductors
Global climate linked to civil war outbreak
Salt water may explain Martian surface streaks
Biologists identify butterfly ‘copycat gene’
Planes punch holes in clouds, making it snow
Century-old sunspot problem solved
NASA detects new ‘super-Earth’ transit
Footprint detected from one of Saturn’s moons
Exotic antimatter particle produced by LHC

How many water molecules does it take to make ice?
Geologist claims to have found plate tectonics on Mars
X-rays probe the origins of hotspot volcanoes
Geophysicists fingerprint sea-level rise
Quantum interference: the movie
How supercontinents are born
Energy balance points to man-made climate change
Physicists put earthquakes under the microscope
Geophysicists solve mystery of Antarctica’s ice-bound mountains

Guest Blog: A physicist flirts with philosophy (and lives to tell the tale)

The Science of Swearing (shortlisted for the Wellcome Trust / Guardian Science Writing Prize 2011)